I publish this as a homage to the Pierre Julien Quiers photo project, LA VRAIE VIE (The real life?) in Sauve ‘s streets. I feel honored to be in this moving project, together with a large number of its inhabitants. These pictures were taken during the Corona Virus Lock Downs in the course of 2020.

While performing the Pina Bauch Seasons March, 1th Mai 2020. Mask created by Peter Poplaski. Photo: Pierre Julien Quiers.

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20X20 au Centre d’Art Contemporain de Bédarieux

Le rez-de-chaussée de la Maison des Arts accueille un espace d’art contemporain où se succèdent tout au long de l’année des expositions d’artistes actuels. Cet espace accueille les oeuvres d’artistes de renom et aussi de jeunes artistes talentueux tels que Patrice Vermeille, Frédéric Hébraud, Mustapha Belkouch, Chahab ou encore Norma Hecker. Il vit intensément rythme de cinq expositions par an.

Maison des Arts
19 avenue Abbé Tarroux

Mardi 14h – 18h
Mercredi 9h30 – 12h et 14h – 18h
Jeudi 9h30 – 12h
Vendredi 9h30 – 12h et 14h – 18h,
Samedi 9h30 – 12h et 14h – 18h.

En temps “normal”.

04 67 95 48 27

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Wet paint

I’m determined to paint no matter what. Just for my “inner ding”. Just because while I paint I forget the world and all I am is this moment.
Day 1 April 20th & 2 April 22th and day 3 Mai 3rd. A landscape seen from the estate of Les Clarisses, situated on a small road between the D999 St Hippolyte Du Fort – Sauve & The road to Durford. Oil on canvas 50x70cm.

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