Décrochage et lecture en V.O. Vendredi 2 sept 2016 à la tombée de la nuit Reading performed by Royal Shakespeare Actors

Décrochage et lecture en V.O. Vendredi 2 sept 2016 à la tombée de la nuit

Reading performed by Royal Shakespeare Actors


THE CORPSE NEXT DOOR by Cornelle Woolrich

Exposition – événement, narration graphique d’après le film Union City, par Rika Deryckere


You’re invited to listen to the reading of the original text performed by Royal Shakespeare Actors Estelle Kohler and Bill Homewood at nightfall exactly at 20:28pm


Doors open at, les portes s’ouvrent à 7:57pm

Maison du Pont Vieux,

174 Avenue des Deux Ponts, 34190 Cazilhac 04 67 64 33 79


Parking coté Hôpital de Ganges.

Traverse le vieux pont vieux et entre dans la maison sur votre droite.



More about the movie, the performers and the painter:


Union City is a 1980 American crime mystery film starring Dennis Lipscomb, Deborah Harry and Everett McGill and is based on the short story “The Corpse Next Door” by Cornell Woolrich, a pulp magazine writer of suspense stories. His most famous story was adapted into the film Rear Window directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

The screenplay based on Cornell Woolrich’s short story The Corpse Next Door from 1937 called Union City is set in 1953 and was written and directed by Markus Reichert in 1979. Reichert is a painter and a poet who lives and works in Saint Hippolyte du Fort.


Bill Homewood has worked extensively for television and on stage in the West End, major theatres and the RSC. He has also directed theatre on both sides of the Atlantic, and his various writing credits include Theatrical Letters, published by Marginalia.


Estelle Kohler a British theatre and television actress. Born in South Africa Kohler made a name for herself as a Shakespearean actor in England. She is a graduate of Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, of which she is an Associate Member, and was nominated a Laurence Olivier Award in 2000.


Rika Deryckere a Flemish fine artist: “My personal approach to interpreting this movie is by editing down the scenes. Paying attention to moments of oddities and images that catch the eye, freezing the moment. These interpretations can then lead a life of their own and be seen as fragmentations without losing the complete meaning behind the story. Individual paintings and visual clues, as fragments of a bigger whole, from the point of view of a painter. The material thus gathered like the paintings and drawings and whatever could result of this simplification will then be assembled and turned into a narrative exhibition”.



Vente des planches originales. You can purchase the original artwork.


Rika Deryckere


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